Interview with David D’Eboli and Raúl Ramos, creators of Blanc Festival

The Blanc Festival has already started and in More with less we wanted to interview David D’Eboli and Raúl Ramos, the parents and creators of this festival full of personality.



The Blanc Festival, as its name suggests, has a festive character where spectators get hooked from the first moment in which they sit on the chair. Where did the idea of ​​creating a design festival come from with such a dynamic program as the Blanc?

We use to attend to design events, and we have always seen that although the content is very interesting, spectators spend many hours sitting in those seats. It can be a bit heavy and that is why we decided that Blanc had to have a more dynamic rhythm, that makes the more than 10 hours of conferences more enjoyable. At the same time Blanc creates a pleasant atmosphere, camaraderie and closeness among all participants.


Why the name of Blanc?

Blanc (White in Catalan) is a blank sheet, it is the empty screen before starting a project, it is the sum of all the light colors, but also the support to start something new. For the assiduous assistant, Blanc is a new event every year, with much to discover and where everything can happen.



Year after year Blanc Festival has been growing expanding the format, adding new sections and activities. The 8th Blanc is the first year in which the festival changes its location, from Vilanova i la Geltrú goes to be held in the city of Barcelona. How did you live the first Blanc in Barcelona? Do you think the change of location was necessary?

The change of location was necessary. Since the first edition in 2009 the event was growing and the infrastructures of the city (Vilanova and La Geltrú) had become small. On the other hand, the brand of Barcelona helps the event acquire a greater impact both nationally and internationally, allowing scalability that we did not have in Vilanova.


In which edition do the first Cream Awards appear? How were these awards born?

From Blanc we have always had a philosophy of publicizing emerging talent by inviting young studios that we believe they have something to show and tell. Crema starts from this philosophy of recognition of local talent, helping them not only to have more visibility but to enhance their careers.



The CREMA Awards celebrate the emerging talent giving the opportunity to 5 creative young people to compete for the prize one day before the begining of the Blanc Festival. What is the prize that the winner will take? What are the benefits of participating in the Cream Awards?

There is an important part of recognition and visibility from the sector. You just have to see how the Maba studio in Murcia today is more recognized nationally after winning the first edition of Crema.
The winner will also take an Idep Master: Postgraduate, a trip to London for two people to visit the GF Smith facilities, a € 300 voucher for Exaprint products and services, a 6-month residency at FIU House and registration of two projects for the 2019 Adg-Laus awards.


This edition is very special since Blanc celebrates its first decade (long live the Blanc!). During these 10 years have passed professionals of the caliber of Paula Scher, Bruce Mau, Alex Trochut (who repeats in this edition), Adi Goodrich, István Orosz, Fernando Gutiérrez, Vasava, Feixen Studio … How have you experienced the development of the festival during these 10 years?

It has been 10 years in which the event has grown naturally. And as the attendance grew, so did the event. That’s why we like to say that Blanc is the people, not just a stage with a big lineup of speakers, but a meeting point and a community of people that we meet every year to celebrate the event.
Every year we send a questionnaire to the assistants, and from there come out very good ideas (and things to improve) that we are applying in the following editions. That is why Blanc is a reflection of what attendees want as an event, and it has been that way since we started in 2009.