iPot is a flexible structure designed for everyone.

iPot is a modular, freestanding, lightweight and flexible structure


Buy and customize this product in your own way. This is the philosophy of iPot, a flexible structure that fits to the user needs. These needs are endless and for that designers have to design products with infinite combinations, in order that everyone can build their object or ideal structure. iPot is designed by the Italian studio Supercake, composed of Alessandro Ferratini, Alessandro Grassi, Laura Imbriani, Fabrizio Lampis. Supercake studio manages different complex projects at various scales, from the preliminary stage to the executive, working with specialized teams.


iPot furnished with green

A simple way to arrange plants in outdoor and indoor settings, to create “little home gardens”, with the possibility of storing books and other objects.


iPot is simple to assemble

A modular, freestanding, lightweight and flexible structure. The assembly takes place through a series of combined elements that work interlocking (tubes and joints). To this will be composed the various add-ons, as: bags to hold the plants and other objects, like shelves, aquariums and lighting.



iPot is customizable

From a single pot to the creation of complex structures, it is possible to devise “ad hoc” configurations for each environment and needs. Infinite forms, but also a wide range of materials and colors for all its accessories.


iPot_MWL_04 iPot_MWL_03
iPot_MWL_10 iPot_MWL_12

All photos by David Vanoli