Interview with Irini Giotopoulou, ‘More with less means focusing on what is most important’

Irini Giotopoulou is a Greek architect, photographer and contect creator impassioned by simple shapes, composition and architectural photography. Photographing architecture through her lens is like working further on shapes and lights, it is like continuing with the study of the building beyond the theory. As she explains us: ‘Photography to me, is a great observatory of architecture, a continuous learning experience’ and she tries to share it with the viewer through her instagram account (@irini_ioto).

irini-ioto-interview-more-with-less-magazineAs @irini_ioto, Irini tries to find beauty in simple and clean forms. As she does through architecture, Irini makes compositions with few materials and colors, so she reaches minimalism in architectural photography.

‘My photography contains simple geometrical volumes as they transform through light, or minimal landscapes’


Photography by Irini Giotopoulou on her instagram account @irini_ioto


What is the relationship between architecture and your photography?

Architecture is all around us, built or unbuilt. My photography contains architectural details, patterns, buildings parts or facades, simple geometrical volumes that get transformed through light, or minimal landscapes.


117-29Photography by Irini Giotopoulou on her instagram account @irini_ioto

irini-ioto-more-with-less-magazine-interview-architecture-instagramPhotography by Irini Giotopoulou on her instagram account @irini_ioto


Although architecture is prevailing, we can also see fashion photography and product. Always following a pure and elegant aesthetics. How did the opportunity to work for brands like HM or Adidas arise? Has this type of work emerged thanks to your Instagram account?

Recently I had an invitation to collaborate with these brands. I believe that having a popular account certainly helps brands to approach influencers like me for content creation. I had never tried with fashion before, but I love challenges and testing myself in new fields, so I did it -always blended with architecture- and it was a really great experience that has brought other interesting collaborations regarding fashion.

irini-ioto-more-with-less-interview-magaizine-architecture-instagramirini-ioto-more-with-less-magazinePhotography by Irini Giotopoulou for fashion firm HM


As we can see in your Instagram account and in your website, you love travelling. Do you search for buildings and places to portray?

I love travelling, even for a day just to take photos of a new building, and there are so many I want to see. Every time I am in a new place I skip sightseeing and I run to see some new architecture. Like I did in Rome and Berlin. I went there for a day or two and I have more photos of MAXXI Museum and the Tempodrom than of other historical places.


What steps do you follow to take a picture?

Well, as I am always on the run, working and not having enough free-time during daylight, I usually take my photos without thinking about it too much. I select the parts which I find the most attractive about a building or I find new ways of looking at it, creating unexpected perspectives or just showcasing a moment of calmness when I see the right lighting.

117-33Photography of Tempodrom Berlin by Irini Giotopoulou on her instagram account @irini_ioto


Photography of MAXXI Museum by Irini Giotopoulou on her instagram account @irini_ioto


What do you find attractive in minimalism?

Minimalism to me is a pause of tranquility in the super busy environment of contemporary life. A serene moment to appreciate slowness and beauty in simplicity.


‘More with less is the process of subtracting all the extra information and selecting only the parts that matter the most’


What does More with Less mean for you?

It means focusing on what is most important. It is about the process of subtracting all the extra information and selecting only the parts that matter the most. Whether it is about architecture, photography or design, more with less means to create work that can be appreciated regardless the place or the time.


Interview: Angela Montagud

Traslation: Miren León