Islington Maisonette, the reconfiguration of Victorian housing

Islington Maisonette is located in a conservation area of London, in Islington. This Victorian home is reconfigured and expanded by the architectural studio Larissa Johnston Architects from a segmented and obscure property to a new well-lit and spacious family home.

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The original spaces lacked connection to the exterior backyard, so the new proposal seeks this union by extending the ground floor to that space and relocating the bedroom stays on the top floor.

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It consists of a common living space consisting of living room, kitchen and dining room on the ground floor, and connected to the patio directly through large windows, shaping the new Islington Maisonette.

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Islington Maisonette could be understood as the union of the two levels of housing through a carved wooden box that adapts to the needs and hosts part of the program

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Inserted in the continuous space of the ground floor, a wooden box is attached to one of the walls and connects both floors. The compact plywood integrates not only the staircase but also the kitchen, a storage space, a study space, as well as a laundry room and a cloakroom under the staircase.

Islington -Maisonette-Larissa-Johnston-more-with-less-05

The materiality of Islington Maisonette includes plywood, stainless steel, polished concrete and white plaster. This brief palette of materials helps to accentuate the spatial quality of the proposal.

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Photographs by Larissa Johnston Architects.