Isolo, interactive products designed by students from EINA

Isolo is a collection of products made from some students of the Design Degree in EINA. This school has its headquarters in Barcelona. With one of the most well known schools of design in Barcelona, they presented an installation in the Fuorisalone during the design week in Milano 2018. They were in Ventura district. There you can prove and value the work of the students that made to promote the design and show it’s way of think, applying it to the design.

To understand it, Isolo in Italian means ‘isolated’. The collection has four products, with the finality to maintain privacy, but opened at the same time. Not making it closed. To make it more personal. Each of this projects give another forms of isolation but respecting the environment of the user.

We start with Còdol. This word, in Catalan, means ‘a rock fragment, that can be rounded or flat because of the movement’. This might be the forms which is inspired the product. Apart from its meaning, it is a space divisor that plays between the empty and the entire. It creates a shelter without being a solid structure. This is surrounded by mobile panels, that makes sounds and soft tones. The designers are: Andreu Buqueras, Aina Facchi, Llibert Ferrer, Ona Orozco y Anna Urretavizcaya.

With Isolo, there is a state of ‘being free of intrusion’. Respecting the habitat of the user and creating atmospheres, as a group or individuals

On the other hand, Pètal is another furniture that invites the user to interact. This word, in Catalan, menas ‘petal’. It is inspired in the rounded forms of a flower petal. With a very pleasant form, is made from felt and curved wood. The felt helps to the ‘petals’ of the armrest have the natural movement. So, this way, it creates your own space in a corner, to make it more huge. The designers are: Laura Andreu, Laura Morales, Aura Olivan, Marina Vidal y Mariona Vilardell.

On the other hand it is Kodama. On the Japanese folklore, the kodama is the spirit that live inside the trees. It gives energy, protection and natural pureness. It is a decorative panel that it’s shown as a forest. The seats are placed on the structure for the use. The designers are: Rocío Belda, Cristina Bonamusa, Júlia Riera, Sonia Santos y Anna Solà.

At least, there is Köllen Eget. This is an innovative space of work. The base of the concept is that, every day we have more habits that require an specific function. On the other hand, it’s clear that the technology has a very important paper in our day by day. This is a multifunctional desk and completely interactive. With the sensibility of the wood as a material, but the technology that make us feel connected to the desk. The designers are: Oriol Campillo, Núria Jané, Adrián Soldado y Paula Terra.