Jingyuan No22, how to transform a warehouse into an interactive coworking


Jingyuan No22 used to be an old cotton warehouse located in Beijing China. Today, Cheng Yanchun architecture office carries out this restoration, based on a spatial experience and related to the new use of the building.
Two young Internet financial companies host their headquarters inside Jingyuan No22. In order to do that, the architecture studio designs a coworking where the main objective is the flexibility and the variety of possibilities to work. In addition to natural lighting, which practically feeds the entire project.
jingyuan-No22-more-with-less-design.magazine-6Through the furniture designed in parts, the use of the workspace multiplies and diversifies. Today, users are different kinds of people, along with that, our uses and customs have changed. Space must be a scene for all this.
At a spatial level Jingyuan No22 develops with a circulation system in “loop” through a new iron structure that allows to dissociate from the old warehouse. The new building is organized around a large central courtyard that functions as a visual center for the entire place that is also the companies meeting room.


Jingyuan No22 is designed to develop working and communication as a team

jingyuan-No22-more-with-less-design.magazine-9Jingyuan No22 also has several common areas, a cafe, a living room and a library. A large OSB staircase can be adapted to the needs of group work, since it works independently. All this set guarantees, the flexibility of the design, an excellent performance of the entire workers.
jingyuan-No22-more-with-less-design.magazine-12In Jingyuan No22 lighting designis fundamental. Once  the first dark room is crossed, three zenith skylights illuminate the central space, and brings light to every corner of the place. To balance the unfavorable orientation of the building, adjustable sunshades are placed for the different times of the year.
It is possible, given the delicacy with which the entrance of light is designed, to be able to appreciate the different lights of the seasons and hours of day. It is possible in this coworking, when it is sunny, to work only with natural light.
jingyuan-No22-more-with-less-design.magazine-16Jingyuan No22 is a serie of intertwined but independent spaces, easily adaptable to the needs of its workers. Use, user and space work together. A working ideal, where  design is thought and predisposed to function for those who will use it. Without losing a fine and elegant minimalist aesthetic that reinforces the dialogue between user and space.jingyuan-No22-more-with-less-design.magazine-18Photos by  Xia Zhi