JINS Shanghai, fly to impact

To compete within a shopping center crowded with shops and stand out above all others, Junya Ishigami carries out a study of architecture from the point of view of the essential, avoiding falling into trends and fashions. JINS is the first store in the city of Shanghai for this brand of glasses based in Tokyo.


The simplicity is accompanied by spectacularity to capture the attention of customers and offer a strong and elegant image, based on sobriety. JINS is constituted as an empty, gray and mute place, which faces the large showcase five cantilevered tables, with a total length of 12 meters in length. A structural display that exposes and houses the product, allowing a comfortable and clear view of it.


JINS creates an empty space instead of a store saturated with elements, the vacuous as a point of attraction to present the product


With this gesture of flying, attention is captured, the rest of the experience within JINS consists of a leisurely walk around the tables observing the product.


The place accompanies in an appropriate way the large tables flown: a space based on soft whites and grays. The ceiling full of facilities that in an orderly manner meets the needs, serves as a stage, thus completing the scene.


Few more elements complete the set of JINS, a timid light, concise mirrors and two support counters in one of the ends allow to give the adequate service to the clients.


Photograph by Eiichi Kano.