Johan van Hengel at Salone Satellite during Milan Design Week

Last week in Milan we had the opportunity to meet Johan van Hengel at Salone Satellite. We love to go to Salone Satellite because you can see the last work of the new studios and studentes from all around the world. Johan van Hengel is a furniture and product designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Within his work he searches for subtle surprises by redefining form, materials and production techniques or by creating new contexts for familiar objects. His aim is to design simple, elegant and useful products that become relevant additions to the living environment.

Johan van Hengel aim is to design simple, elegant and useful.




By Johan van Hengel and Ralf Lambie


Not often a side table has a fixed place, but moves around the house where it’s needed the most. Tor is designed with the idea that a side table needs to be carried around easily. The raised edge of the top prevents things slide off easily. The handle that comes out of the legs makes Tor easy to pick up and gives the table its character charm. Tor is made of powder coated aluminum and can be ordered in six different colors.


Johan_van_Hengel_MWL_07 Johan_van_Hengel_MWL_08 Johan_van_Hengel_MWL_09



A series of veneer lampshades which use a 30 degree angle to create a continuous wood grain without seam or interruption.

Johan_van_Hengel_MWL_02 Johan_van_Hengel_MWL_03 Johan_van_Hengel_MWL_04 Johan_van_Hengel_MWL_05


Blurring the boundaries of home and office, Neat is a set of desk organizers providing a dedicated place for personal belongings.

Johan_van_Hengel_MWL_13 Johan_van_Hengel_MWL_12