José Cabrita simplifies the bottle opener


José Cabrita has managed to give a twist to the bottle opener. We speak about an everyday object, which we have seen countless times in countless ways. Sometimes these exercises are the most difficult to perform, and so we want to share with you these ideas. The French designer José Cabrita prioritizes in his working method “the research, observation, intuition and lot of work to be able to touch people with solution he can bring in each of my projects”.

José Cabrita redesigns the bottle opener.


With Ruban our approach was to simplify and question the bottle opener object in order to get to the core of it. This allows us to bring surprise and interest without compromising the function and bring a discreet, aesthetic yet elegant object.


It’s made from a stainless steel band that is bended. The geometry of the design offers both aesthetic functionality and comfort when used. Polished on the upper part and blasted on the lower part to bring a warmer touch and to bring a visual contrast, Ruban is designed to last and will wear well with time.


Sizes: 6,1’’, 1,18’’, 0,4’’

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