Just in case, an object that can be transformed in three

by | 6 October 2016 | product

Just in case is a collection of a table, stool and tray designed by Ramírez and Carrillo for Delica. This team of designers are interested on the modern life of the user, because they make their projects draw from the observation. The main philosophy of this collection is the adaptation.

Just in case not only has one use, but several. It can be very versatile, because it can be a table, a side table, a high or low stool, and a tray. Visually is a simple structure, but it covers all the necessities given in an adequate way. It’s designed most especially for confined spaces.


Just in case, versatile and practical. Contributes on the comfort for our necessities, where the most important thing is save time and space.


This concept of the versatility, has been thought mainly to the contemporary necessities. Because the people normally feels stressed, and they want to benefit time to clean, and space in small houses. Just in case is discrete on this way, so it is not only another furniture, it does not disturb the user, in fact, it helps him.


The main materials of Just in case are the corian for the tray, and the stratified birch wood for the stool. The tray of corian it is presented in three different colours: white, grey and black. Furthermore, it has a cavity on the bottom part that allows the lace with the square shape of the stool. Depending on the high and the use, it will be a furniture or another.


In conclusion, the name of this furniture plays with its function. Just in case, according with the necessities of the user, has more than one function inside this furniture. The stool can be little, medium or large. They can be varied between them, so can be created differents combinations of surface.


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