Kaibosh, when designing becomes funny

The New World Order is called Snask. This is the slogan presented by the Swedish design studio Snask, specialized in branding and audiovisual production. What distinguishes them is that they challenge the current industry to get a new way of doing things. They love unconventional ideas, smiles and real emotions. They see the old conservative world as extremely tedious and, as a consequence, as their greatest enemy. They have worked with major brands such as H&M, Tetra Pak and Microsoft. For these and a thousand more reasons, the Norwegian glasses company Kaibosh contacted them because they felt that their identity had become too boring, as opposed to what it should be. It was such a clean image that it was inexpressive.

Snask has redesigned the image of the Nordic company Kaibosh

Snask’s task began by maintaining the existing logo and, from there, began to work on the development of the new identity, ranging from signs, advertisements, packaging, and posters, as well as the way out of its flagship store.

They began by giving a new focus on the voice, using a much friendlier and closer tone, and leaving the communication in the hands of the editors, from marketing materials located on the interior walls. The voice of the brand translates into visual form and matched with a custom screen font, called Sentrum, made to fit in-store signage. Two tabs were added as a symbol to distinguish identity, created with graphic elements for different scenarios.

The graphic personality of Kaibosh has something that attracts but is difficult to explain. Hygee, that Nordic concept that so much likes for the positive connotations that plasma, is widely used in this project through an original color palette (klein blue with pale pink) and a typography whose use plays with its movement, disorder and size.

The result is an interesting graphic image that stands out in a sector where not everyone dares to bet for such a fun style. It is also because it reflects a symbol that represents, in a very schematic way, two closed eyes when, as a general rule, they usually show their eyes open to express the idea of general vision.

All these successful decisions have resulted in a redesign that manages to elevate the character of Kaibosh to a friendly and friendly territory thought of a modern, daring and trendy audience.