KAIT workshop: flexibility, light, inspiration

KAIT workshop-Junya Ishigami

It is not the same studying and researching in a house of a standard expansion result of the housing bubble than in the Salk Institute of Kahn or the Crawn Hall of Mies. Surely some of that Junya Ishigami had in mind when he conceived the KAIT wokshop. The working place for the Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) near Tokyo. A clear example of architecture as an influential agent in the way people relate and behave to create environments that favor certain purposes. In this case, collective work, exchange of ideas, creativity and horizontality.

KAIT workshop_Junya Ishigami-2-more-with-less

To that end Junya investigates the role of boundaries in KAIT workshop. He fades and blurs them both between indoors and between the interior and exterior to ease the relationship of spaces and how they are connected.

KAIT workshop_Junya Ishigami-3-columnas-comumns

Randomness and blurred boundaries make KAIT workshop dematerializes

KAIT workshop_Junya Ishigami-4

The interior is colonized by a forest of columns arranged irregularly. Any of them have the same proportion or orientation nor any pattern is repeated, no matter haw small, in their distribution. The aim is to imitate the laws of nature to seek the universality of KAIT workshop space that should accommodate a flexible program. As in a forest, vertical elements are more distanced from each other in some areas to create glades that host different activities.

KAIT workshop_Junya Ishigami-5-espacio de trabajo-studio-working place-minimalist

KAIT workshop_Junya Ishigami-6-exterior-espacio de trabajo-working space-working place

The enclosure, a glass wall from floor to ceiling, visually expands the space from the inside and creates a wide and direct connection inside-out with everything around him, giving the feeling of being literally on the outside (helped also by the s that filters through the cracked ceiling). In reverse the visual relationship is significant but not as direct. The glass reflects the cherry trees around him, alowing to perceive the activity inside the KAIT whorkshop, but diverting attention enough to differentiate both spaces.

KAIT workshop_Junya Ishigami-7

KAIT workshop_Junya Ishigami8

Photography and images by Junya Ishigami + Associates