Kapil Bhagat, a dose of minimalism in science

Kapil Bhagat is a graphic designer born in Mumbai, India. His work is highlighted by the simplicity of forms, seeking to approach the minimalist style and achieving it in a more than attractive way. In addition, his great knowledge about typography and the application of a very clean aesthetic make of his work something admirable.

Kapil Bhagat is a minimalist designer and illustrator

With only these guidelines, Kapil Bhagat manages to communicate the desired message in a very clear and direct way, which facilitates the viewer to read his works.
To celebrate Science Day in India, the designer creates a series of typographic posters following a minimalist style with the names of great scientists historically recognized.
Each design speaks of an invention, a theory or an achievement by which each of the scientists is known. For example, in Newton drops an “O” to illustrate gravity. A huge “C” in Copernicus reminds us that he was the first to demonstrate that the Earth is not the center of the Universe but is the Sun.
Kapil Bhagat’s posters not only look good but also remind the viewer who did what and the importance of each of the historical discoveries that make the world the place we live in today.