Kea Boumanstraat in IJ River by Meesvisser

Kea Boumanstraat (9)

Kea Boumanstraat is located in IJburg, an ensemble of artificial islands in IJ bay, Amsterdam. Meesvisser studio enjoys this plot in front of the IJ river to unleash their imagination and take advantage of the best corners of the Dutch Bay. This house reflects the magic of the Dutch lands, sustainability and, the excellent care of architecture becoming a witty, friendly and exemplary design.

Kea Boumanstraat (7)

Kea Boumanstraat (8)

Kea Boumanstraat (11)

Kea Boumanstraat, a warm wooden dealing

Kea Boumanstraat is organized vertically adjusting to narrow dimensions that apart from being an obstacle, the architects make it one of the greatest strengths of the project. A fun four-storey façade draws different balconies, patios, lights and shadows that keep the views of the north facade and the south facade from anywhere in the house.

Kea Boumanstraat (12)

Kea Boumanstraat (10)

Each floor solves a different program as the living room, the master bedroom, two bedrooms, and the kitchen but all connected through this elegant staircase that becomes the viewpoint to the IJ river.

Kea Boumanstraat (4)

Kea Boumanstraat (2)

Kea Boomstraat wears prefabricated wooden panels of different textures and clear, warm, light and bright colors. The interior spaces call for calm, rest and the sound of water and the sun.

Kea Boumanstraat (6)

Kea Boumanstraat (1)

The architects decided without a doubt that natural light and prefabricated materials of this house are part of the family and facilitate a sustainable design reducing unnecessary resources. Kea Boumanstraat is a friendly, ambitious, light, a place to enjoy, a place where you do not want to run away.


Photography by Lard Buurman