Kenko, studio specialized in sport equipment for home

Kenko is a design studio with the headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. Kenko studio have designed different sport equipments to have them at home. They are mainly based in the minimalism and the simplicity, talking about the form. So, in this way, it’s not a simple weight, and it’s nice even to have it in the living room.



They use mostly natural materials, such as cork or wood. Depart from this, they form simple and ergonomics geometric forms for its use. The simplicity that it’s presented, allows to fit in every home and merge, between the normal and the sports life.



Kenko has changed completely the concept of sport equipment at home. They have merged the function with the aesthetics, being at the same time a decorative object



Let’s talk about the products. Belly roller is a roll for the abdomen. Based always in the original form, is an easy way to define the muscles. The two rings are made of birch, and the rod of maple. As one part as the other, they have the brass detail, which improves the aesthetic and the function.



The push-ups, follows the harmony of belly roller. With the base completely rounded for a good support of the body, to not imbalance the corporal structure. And the straight bars for a good support while the push-ups are made. They are thought to not force the wrist and the forearm.



On the other hand, the Kenko weights are the most simple structurally. They are two completely cylinders and its available in four sizes. The weights are of 0,5 – 1 – 1,5 – 2kg. This weights are fill with an iron core, with the coating of maple wood, and this can be natural or dyed, so you can put colours on. It has too, the brass ring to jointly the collection. Its use could be even at home, or to make some quick exercise at the office.



The cylinder structure of the weights, it’s perfectly thought for the higher ergonomics of the hand. And, ultimately, Kenko has designed this, and other elements, so you can also save the equipment in a very minimalistic and simple wardrobe.