Knossos, combinable side table of Isaac Piñeiro

Knossos is a serial of auxiliary side tables designed by Isaac Piñeiro for Mobenia brand. This is the second collaboration that they make. He, as it has been mentioned beforehand, is a designer with the headquarters in Barcelona. He has studied in Valencia, and subsequently he has studied in the Scuola Politecnica di Milano. It was cofounder of the Nadadora studio, but in 2017 he founded his studio.



Based as an intuitive product and looking for an efficiency of the production of the design, it’s born Knossos. The meaning of the word is a ruined city from the center of Creta, capital of the ancient Minoan civilization. So, it’s based in natural materials, such as stoneware and wood, related with works more handcrafted.



Knossos is born from this two materials. The leg is made of stoneware and the upper part of wood. Combining at the same time a design with fine and firm lines, to create this piece. Formally, it is characterized for its simplicity and the scultoric form that it presents.



Knossos it’s born from natural referents, such the Mediterranean landscape and from the materials as stoneware and wood. Creating this way a simple and sculpture piece



Following the philosophy of the materials, the base is handmade. This, at the same time, shows a compartment to leave things at sight. And it’s form reminds as a cone, the lower part, to have more support. And the part of the leg which goes the surface, is more slim to have a better fit. So, at the same time that it’s used as a support, it can be things saved inside.



This, at the same time, shows colours which are very combinable with the natural wood or with the finish of lacquered water. Allowing this way a role of play and a identity of the user. Finally, feeling that something it’s unique, natural and personal. All together, Knossos has the sensation of naturality and calm, which is inspired, moreover, of the Mediterranean environment.