Knowhere, a new coworking concept borns at the edge of the Mediterranean sea

Knowhere-espacio-coworking-more-with-less-design-magazine-6Knowhere, is a place where sharing is a Sine Qua Nnon condition for business and working. It is located in the Marina Alta of Denia, Alicante, Spain. Wanna One,designing team, has been in charge of giving life to a unique space that must satisfy local entrepreneurs needs.Knowhere-espacio-coworking-more-with-less-design-magazine-5The name “Knowhere” comes from the wordplay between “Knowledge” and “Nowhere”. Two key concepts, which invite us to think over the emerging trends in working. An identity that starts taking shape
Knowhere is above all a daring and avant-garde project, that has to define Market and trend Audit, Brans strategy, Naming, Corporate identity and interiorism and graphism. The challenge for Wanna One was to homogenize these parameters, shaping a cohesive concept for all of them. In their own words, they describe it as:”An area that does not exists”

Knowhere is a clear and white space, where the deep blue and some black touches of graphics are the only color notes. The result is a completely new, yet unidentified aesthetic. A meeting point between minimalism and functionality with a strong futuristic look. Knowhere is called to be the promoter and launching base of the knowledge economy through a coworking that is composed by multifunctional rooms and the first digital manufacture workshop of the region.


Knowhere defines its visual identity through a main claim “Work. Share. Innovate “

A large blue color cube works as a meeting room. From there, electrical wires irrigate the entire space, like oxygen ducts; a way of connecting and giving air to the workers. The lighting in Knowhere is the main character and together with the little touches in blue, are a constant reminder that the sea with all its good vibes are just a few meters away. The most important characteristic in Knowhere is its spatial flexibility, able to give versatility to its workers, who can function as nomads around the place. Today they have 30 working places, expandable to 75 and an event room.
Knowhere-espacio-coworking-more-with-less-design-magazine-2Pure geometry rules in Knowhere furniture’s design and to beef up this science fiction look, Wanna one has used materials such as formica, metal, glass and textiles. In addition they have carefully selected the furniture and elements from different brands: Novaluz, Actiu and Sentis. The graphic has been created by the studio itself as well as the huge size images that with a casual style greets in some of the walls. The futuristic language spoken in this coworking is simple and invites us to immediate action.
An unusual proposal, which prioritizes knowledge through enjoyment, and understands that this is the best way to enhance the synergy at work. Knowhere is a place where “good morning” is a must, and where collaboration is the premise for growth.
Knowhere-espacio-coworking-more-with-less-design-magazine-10Photos by Caulin Photos.