Kolmio + LIM, an unconventional nail salon by Yusuke Seki

Kolmio+LIM (3)Kolmio is the word used in Finnish for triangle. Tokyo-based designer Yusuke Seki took advantage of this fact and decided to playfully use the geometric figure to design Kolmio + LIM, a nail salon located in Osaka, the western capital of Japan, where his client LIM had started her beauty business.
Kolmio+LIM (2)Kolmio+LIM (1)Kolmio+LIM (5)A ‘zigzag’ wall with a triangular hole through its centre divides the interior of Kolmio + LIM. Besides providing a functional division, the ‘zigzag’ screen folds around a corner to line the edge of a sidewall in such a way that the space has been provided with iconic and enriching connotations. Customers have to step through the triangular hole to access the beauty treatment area at the rear of the salon.
Kolmio+LIM (7)Kolmio+LIM (4)

All of the design methods used in Kolmio + LIM are inspired by their environment, and the actions that happen within

Kolmio+LIM (8)Kolmio+LIM (9)A simple colour palette of wood and white is used to reflect the essential colours of natural skin tones. The various tones of white and cream used in Kolmio + LIM are based on the Japanese proverb ‘Diverse men, diverse minds’, which can be translate as ‘ten people have ten different colours’; meaning every person has their own skin colour as a base for nail colouring. The layout of the space itself is intended to symbolise the process of nail colouring: the crimped wall catches the natural light and evokes the gleam reflection of nail polish.
Kolmio+LIM (11) Kolmio+LIM (12) Kolmio+LIM (14)
The colour palette of Kolmio + LIM is completed with a selection of pastel shades that take their inspiration from the neighbourhood buildings, as a way of incorporating the surroundings aesthetic.
Kolmio+LIM (6) Kolmio+LIM (10) Kolmio+LIM (15) Kolmio+LIM (16)
Photography is by Takumi Ota.