Komorebi brings nature to our home [VIDEO]

Komorebi is a minimalist light created by the young London designer Leslie Nooteboom. This design is part of his final graduation project of the Royal College of Art and the Imperial College of London.


Leslie is a designer who likes to combine design and engineering with innovation. In this way, he realizes projects where the new technologies contribute value and facilitate our daily life.




The Komorebi design is based mainly on a small projector located at the top. Through geometric and simple forms, the designer makes a very versatile product capable of adapting to any environment. Thanks to its neutral colors and the use of a material so used in the decoration of recent years as it is concrete.


Komorebi is a projector that provides natural lighting in any interior space.


The internal use of the product is very simple. On the one hand, an application allows the user to upload their own light experiences. And on the other, a projection is generated that presents different lighting projections on the wall.




The main objective of Leslie at the time of developing the project was to improve the daily life of the people who live in the big cities. Through several experiments he discovered that he could increase people’s happiness by creating dynamic living spaces.


With a world population in constant growth, the levels of urbanization reach high rates. People have less living space and we can not receive direct sunlight. For this reason Komorebi arises, to provide nature to those static spaces where we spend much of our time. Its purpose is to offer dynamic light and shadow effects to our homes and to feel that we live in more natural spaces.



The Komorebi projector can be adapted to any interior space. It offers a new form of lighting projecting patterns of light and shadows, which come to mimic sunlight from a window.