Kristina Kjaer combines terracotta and steel on these plant stands.



Kristina Kjaer is living and working in Aarhus, Denmark, where she also was born in 1988. She studied design at VIA Teko Design & Business in Herning, Denmark. Her design is simple, functional and impregnated with the danish essence. During the Milan Design Week 2015 we had the pleasure to see part of her work in the exhibition entitled ‘Resilience – Future Resources, Future Living’ located in Ventura Lambrate.


Kristina kjaer‘s Plant Tower is a series of plant stands in terracotta and steel. The design is based on the traditional terracotta pot, which has gained a new simplified and characteristic expression through experimentation with material and form. The pots are hand-thrown and have been placed against a black and severe frame.

Kristina Kjaer’s design is simple, functional and impregnated with the danish essence



Clay is a natural resource and a biodegradable material. Terracotta is an environmentally friendly manufacturing technique, where the clay is fired at low temperature.


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