L & W House by Fragmenture

by | 14 December 2017 | architecture

Fragmenture is a a multidisciplinary practice founded by architect Lies Van Kerckhove in Ghent Belgium. Among their work you will find from small objects such as lamps and ceramics to complete house renovations. L & W House is one of their latest project.

L & W House is the renovation of a 190 square meter row house. Like many row houses this one lacked light and openness. The house was narrow enough to remove all the partition walls and create an open space. These row houses are also very restricted when it comes to extension possibilities. Here, the old outbuildings at the back of the house made way for a new compact house extension on the ground floor.

Then they could define an entirely new spatial layout. On the ground floor all the necessary functions are gathered in a single triangle shaped furniture piece. This solution divides and defines areas maintaining a big open space.

In L & W House, the triangle shape creates an oblique line that serves as a funnel for light and space. Oriented towards the window it brings light to the center of the house and enhances the perspective.

On one side of this element are located the kitchen and the dining room, with a view to an inner courtyard. On the other side, separated by another piece of furniture is located the living room in a smaller and more intimate area. At the center, the darker zone, are located the stairs, laundry and storage rooms.The bathroom was relocated to the first floor.

The first floor houses is half the ground floor. It houses a bedroom and the bathroom. It also allows for domes to bring additional light into the kitchen and dining room. This round domes temper the sharp line of the ground floor elements.

The use of warm coloured wood, terrazzo flooring versus clean white furniture and perforated steel creates an elegant material contrast.

Photos by Dennis De Smet

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