L3, new lamp concept created by RLON

L3 is a new lamp concept designed by the RLON studio. This studio is located in Berlin. Formed by Josua Putzke, Philipp Eibach and Nehemia Turban. Their philosophy is based on creating tangible and cinetic products for curious spaces and minds. This kind of product make think the user. It’s the main objective: to let a mark on people’s mind. Playing with the beauty in routine situations. Instead, keeping always the minimalism and showing itself very functional and intuitive. At least, they search to unify the science with the arts.

In detail, this time they present L3. This lamp is thought to be mainly for desks and side tables. It’s structure is based on three pieces: the main body, the light and the metal sphere. The curious thing about this lamp, following the philosophy of the studio, is the way that it’s switch off and on. It works with some magnets, so the visible piece is a metal sphere. This is placed just under the light, going from the center, to the outside.

L3 is a unique lamp. It invite us to play with it and feel the gravity of the magnet. All in its form is converted in the main character of the product. Each piece, however they different are, they are unified in this lamp. This is a very precise geometrical union. All of this, the intensity of the light can be controlled from an attenuator in the back side. It is hided, with the electrical outlet.

L3 shows the unity and the separation of the things, of symmetry and tension. It tells a story from a trip to the center

In L3, it’s shown in a visual manner the strength between of magnetic field. The forms of the lamp, we can say that it seduces the user to touch it, and feel it in an intim level. This is a visual light product and with a simple structure. It’s a mental bridge that goes from the exterior to the interior. Relaxing the user while it’s moved the little sphere.

Ultimately, design is evolving to something more intim and personal. It is search a pleasant interaction between the user and the product. Where humanity can be reflected, relaxed and enjoying to having that kind of product. Playing with the impact of the memory of the people is another objective nowadays. And, RLON with L3, they made it.