La Boqueria Packaging, some green to take away

by | 6 October 2016 | elisava, EUROPEAN SCHOOLS, product, slider, Spain, Students projects

Paula Sánchez, Laia Truque i Miriam Vilaplana, students of Posgrado en Diseño Gráfico y Estructural del Packaging de ELISAVA, have carried out an ecological packaging project for Boqueria market in Barcelona, which have called La Boqueria Packaging. This idea takes into account the impact of plastic on the environment and has a broad study regarding creation, production, use and end of life.

La Boqueria Packaging is an Eco Project for packaging fruit in Barcelona


The goal of La Boqueria Packaging is to observe and analyze the plastic cups used for packaging fruit purchased by the public in market stalls, to replace them with products that follow an ecological and sustainable philosophy, seeking to promote -in a short period of time- the total elimination of the manufacture and sale of plastic cutlery. An ambitious mission that seems to work among the public of this known market so far.


What moved them to carry out this project was the amount of garbage accumulated because of the disposability of the material used as a packaging.


One of the main references that were considered in the process was the exercise and techniques of origami, using wax paper -special for food use-. That’s how they came to bet on a design based in a customizable package, easy to install, ergonomic and, above all, respectful with the environment, to keep fresh fruit comfortably.


The procedure is simple: folds are made with a paper sheet, which enables us to obtain a container for holding the fresh fruit.


La Boqueria Packaging has managed to replace the production of a material that has great impact on the environment by something that involves a much simpler and ephemeral process, and whose response has proved to be more striking and well received by the public.

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