La Bruna, the dissolution of traditional cuisine

La Bruna is a project that has its origin in the field of cooking. CRÜ studio proposes this project located in the city of Barcelona as a meticulous study of the possibilities that a kitchen can acquire in aspects of functionality, materiality and formalization.


The house is shaped like a white and neutral container, where the common room, dining room and kitchen are summarized in a single piece. In it, a kitchen dilutes its traditional form.


This heavy wall furniture disappears, distributed in a lower level to the ground and another superior similar to the one below. On this occasion, La Bruna presents a single lower running module that runs through the room from end to end and floats on the ground.


La Bruna wants to tell in a contemporary way how the main room of the house becomes kitchen, living room and study


The furnished upper part disappears and is replaced by a bare metal shelf that generates this classic division but this time based on materials and light. The change of material and the color of this in the most immediate front to the countertop helps to reinforce that division.


On the other hand, a central island as a metal box sits and comes into contrast both by position and by materiality with the rest of the room. La Bruna finishes by compensating the white of the room, clearing large cloths from the original brick wall.


Photograph of Kiku Piñol.