La Carme, a house built from the footprint

La Carme is a project carried out by the CRÜ studio in Barcelona. Maintaining and strengthening the existing footprint of the original hydraulic mosaics in the renovation of this house was the driving idea.


Before a distribution in longitudinal plan the rooms divide the space in a transversal way accompanying the series of different pavements. Each room has its personality with a different mosaic.


La Carme spatially distributes the rooms by superimposing the new traces on the existing ones of the pavement, diluting and mixing the original boundaries with the new rooms


La Carme achieves that a silent architecture, based on white and that allows to see in certain occasions the materiality of the place, gives all the protagonism to the floor who has all the personality.  


The design is complemented with letting see not only the pre-existing, but stripping and taking out all those elements that allow the housing to work. The facilities seen both lighting and water pipes in the bathrooms, allows you to dress the entire interior without the need for more components.


Photograph by Adrià Goula.