La casa Lluna by Cavaa Arquitectes

La casa Lluna was built in the historical center of Vilanova i la geltrú, Barcelona. The interior represents the intention of the architects of creating a streetscape in the interior of La casa Lluna house, creating interior facades, balconies and windows, that connect one space to the other and open different spaces that overlook a central space which is the living room.

La casa Lluna is characterized by the connection between the different spaces, thru the doors, windows and other architectonical elements that break the space. The idea was to clean up the divisions of the first floor, so the light and the air could come in and circulate thru the entire house. It was the first design decision that was taken, when the architects where in charge of transforming this carpenter´s workshop into a domestic house. The spaces open up as a streetscape in the interior by the architectonical elements mentioned before.

As into distribution, La casa Lluna by Cavaa Arquitectes is very original, as it recreates a streetscape in the interior of a domestic house.

By containing different hallways, doors and facades inside the same house and power them with the use of different materials, such as brick, Stone and Paint, the architects achieve a temporary space. With a mix of rustic and modern styles. The color walls are used to give character to the interior, also help to achieve the idea of having many houses in one.

The harmony in the space is created, with the union of different materials, that give life to the house. The relationship between the exterior thru the main façade is also interesting. Due to the fact that the house is located in the middle of the city’s old town, the relationship of the house with the exterior is also important, as it communicates the intention of the architects, not just with the interior of the house, but with the exterior and its town typology.

Photography by Adria Goulá