‘La costa gris’ by Salva López

The photographic series ‘la costa gris’ by Salva López shows a melancholic view of winter season on the Mediterranean coast. Taken during a whole winter, this photographer and graphic designer wanted to reflect in his work the other side of these places that are crowded during the summer. 

The different snapshots reflect the desolated appearance of the beaches, play areas or beach bars off-season. Places that during the summer are full of life and tourists appear now showing their ‘other side’, a  disparate point of view of the Mediterranean landscape. 

Far from the summer hustle and bustle, in ‘la costa gris’ by Salva López a variety of elements appear as unique protagonists of the landscape. 

The photographer frames from watchtowers, lifeguard’s towers or rescue stands, to make them stand out on the lead grey sky. 

Compared to the typical image of the beach bars and terraces crowded wih people during the summer, here we can see the abandonment of these structures in winter. 

The feeling that photographs transmit transports us to the harsh winter on the Mediterranean coast; that period in suspension in which the tourists riot is gone and another one is about to arrive.

The artist uses as a resource elements of urban furniture without people, such as benches, a playground, a porter. All these elements express the emptiness of the coastal areas, which greatly vary their population among the different seasons. 

The use of light and pastel tones show us a bucolic and beautiful landscape at a time, far from the colorful and chaotic image of this coast the rest of the year.

In ‘la costa gris’ by Salva López, we are transported to the cold off-season landscape, being at our entire disposition.