La Fábrica de Ideas, a new concept of office design


In recent years, new jobs and ways of working have emerged, thus offices are no longer just a workplace. In this sense, there is a growing number of companies investing in innovative and more flexible work environments, as well as in integrating areas given over to leisure and rest in order to promote good relationship among partners and to boost their motivation and creativity. This fact has also led to an evolution of office design -in order to create efficient and modern workspaces-, and the project for La Fábrica de Ideas –The Ideas Factory-, developed by Spanish design studio CLAP, is a significant example of that.


La Fábrica de Ideas is a company engaged in the organisation of different kind of events in Valence that has just decided to open its own bureau. In order to find the optimum design for their new headquarter, CLAP started a creative process –based on a series of meetings and workshops with the CEOs- with the aim of identifying the needs the new space must meet. The result is a modern office characterized by seeking the perfect balance between work and rest. A project that has the main goal of creating a new experience of work environment by offering different spaces adapted to each moment and activity that take place at the office.


The load-bearing wall that divides the pre-existent 300sqm space, instead of being a drawback, it was turn into the first design strategy for the new configuration of La Fábrica de Ideas. This way, the structural partition is used to differentiate two areas inside the office itself: one for relaxing and another one –with greater natural lightning- for working. This differentiation of spaces is highlighted through coating materials, as well as finishes and coloured floorings, which gives personality and distinctive character to each space.

The design of the new offices for La Fábrica de Ideas is based on four key points: comfort, teamwork, rest and leisure



The resting area is defined by a range of cold and pastel colours that helps to disconnect and relax. A first space –with blue floor- is related to leisure, and here we can find a swing and a central furniture piece, as a grandstands with seats at two levels, that invites us to sit down to read, to chitchat or even to give an informal conference. A second zone –with pink floor- is related to the eating area, defined by a long wooden table that allow the partners to gather around and enjoy a meal together.






On the contrary, the working area of La Fábrica de Ideas seeks to encourage teamwork through a series of multipurpose spaces with a warmer range of materials –such as wooden floorings and furnishing- combined with white walls to enhance sunlight. In the first place, two offices are created facing the glazed façade and separated by a movable partitioning, which enable to connect them or even to turn them into a large meeting room. Furthermore, two indoor rooms are arranged to be used as individual temporary offices, delimited by translucent polycarbonate walls that provide privacy while allow the passage of sunlight. At last but not least, a common co-working area unifies all these different work spaces, with perimeter resting furnishing and a device designed as a cosy wooden cabin for the coffee time.







Fotografías de Daniel Rueda