La Olivia, life around a box

La Olivia is the rehabilitation of a house in the center of Barcelona. The Catalan CRÜ study manages to create a new domestic space that revolves around a central core.


For this, the first step of the rehabilitation was the liberation of the existing partitions to the whole plant. At the heart of the space is an exempt box on five of its faces. This architectural resource causes La Olivia to separate the day zone from the night zone.


The OIivia creates around its central nucleus the circulations necessary to make sense of the domestic program


Like a black volume carved on the continuous white of the whole house, the box emerges and is cut according to the needs, housing the kitchen and the bathroom, condensing the wet nuclei in a single place.


The simplicity of the materiality based on the strong contrast between black and white, is balanced with the warmth provided by the wood present in the points where the core is carved.


Subtle details such as not anchoring the box to the ceiling provides a sense of continuity and spatiality that is maintained throughout the entire home. The same element that allows the reading of continuity, at the same time segregates and hierarchizes the spaces.


Photograph by Adrià Goula.