La Ximena, a home born from ambivalence

The Ximena is the reform of a house of ninety square meters, located on the ground floor of the center of Barcelona, where access is made through the community portal of the building.


The initial rectangle of the plant is deformed by the juxtaposition of the communication nucleus of the farm, giving rise to a rather anomalous corridor because it is too wide to be a simple corridor and too narrow to accommodate a complete room.


For this reason, CRÜ studio raises in this appendix that unites the two cores of the house a step between the different areas and, at the same time, a place endowed with use, thus creating an ambivalent piece.


La Ximena is an exercise of constant juxtapositions, narrow and wide, smooth and rough


La Ximena is recognized as having two zones, one at night in the front part; and a day area in the back, illuminated by an interior courtyard.


The bedroom is a large space that is isolated from the street, interspersing a patio that avoids other people’s gazes and noise. The white materiality of the interior is opposed to the original appearance of the building, visible in the courtyard. The original vaulted roofs are simplified in a single recessed vault that occupies the entire surface of the bedroom. The earthy hue of the floor extends from a smooth interior to a rugged ceramic-based exterior.


The day area of ​​La Ximena opens onto a patio maintaining the white aesthetic of walls and ceilings, and the warmth of a homogeneous patina of epoxy in reddish color. The patio stands out for the use of ceramics and for housing an extra room, with the possibility of different uses.


The intermediate space serves as a kitchen and hides the bathroom area. A large piece of furniture covered with black granite runs through the front wall and turns to fit into the living room. The use of the mirror in this furniture that accompanies almost the entire house allows the expansion of space.


Photograph by  Adrià Goula.