Larry Bell imitates Venice fog

Fog of Venice: recent research, is the new installation of the American artist Larry Bell. His new work consists of a series of large cubes made in translucent glass. The purpose of the installation is to evoke the morning mist that comes from the coast of California.


The sculptures of the installation are formed by four laminated panels that form an open cube. Larry Bell does not close the base or the surface of the cubes. Inside the space generated by the cube, we find another cube with smaller dimensions.

The visual effect that Larry Bell achieves through the superposition of the layers of the cubes, generates a gradient of color and light that simulates the weather conditions of Venice

The glass panels of the largest cube measure 1.8 meters high. And they are painted in a tone called True Sea Salt. On the other hand, the panels of the inner cube use the tones: Blush, Hibiscus, Optimum White and True Fog.


Larry Bell started working with this material in the early 1960s. Its properties made it a very powerful material because it could transmit, absorb and reflect the light. In addition with a specific treatment could do all three things at once.

On the other hand, the installation of Larry Bell also has smaller sculptures. We found a set of four pieces of 30 centimeters high and 40 wide that have the same system of layer overlap. With smaller cubes inside and different shades of color.


The resulting effect of light reflected on the surface of the glass along with the colors and shadows it produces is characteristic of Larry Bell’s works throughout his life.