Lasso, the trivets for the Ommo brand

Lasso is a trivets designed by the studio Rudolph Schelling Webermann for Ommo. This studio composed by Sven, Carsten and Ralph respectively. They are very versatile as studio and covers a huge sale inside the design’s world. On the other hand, Ommo searches to develop a universal design for the maximum lifes and spaces as possible. The base is the functionality, simplicity and innovation.

Lasso is a home complement inspired and thought to be in the urban life of people. As it has been usual, every time the spaces in houses are more littles and it’s tried to optimize the maximum space as possible. The versatile and foldable objects are a big option in light of this situation.

This trivet is foldable, as it has been usual in this complement. But the form is what highlights from the rest. It is rounded without any kind of hinge. In its use, allows to support the hot pot without any problem on it. When it is not necessary, it can be folded and saved. This is possible thanks to a magnet that it’s inside it.

In Lasso was searched the entertainment to turn, twist, use and save the same product at the same time

This magnet allows to join the extreme of the circle, making a form which is completely lineal. So it can be saved in any site, optimizing as the space as the time. The material is silicone, so it resists very well the high temperatures and it is a good insulating.

At the end, every product created now a days consists in optimize as the space as the function. Where a simple and little object can be the most effective in front of the situation and the necessity of the customer. The new ways to make and live rule a lot the design. Not only it’s the finality to create, at the end, the necessity and the functionality is more important than the benefit that it’s taken of it.