Layered House by STARSIS


The Korean architecture studio STARSIS has recently renovated an old abandoned low-rise building in the city of Gyuam-Myeon, Korea. This area used to be the most active traffic hub in Buyeo-Gun. Before the developed of the bridge, it used to be the most popular place in Buyeo-Gun in which most products from all over the country were actively interchanged.


Since the construction of the Baekje bridge that was built to connect to Buyeo in 1968, the number of visitors have gradually declined, resulting in the closure of the traditional markets and shopping districts. This area has consequently become isolated. As a result of this, this area is witnessing a urban regeneration development known as the Segan project.



The Layered House is an unique redevelopment of the formerly abandoned ‘Blue Roof House’



Amongst the purchased buildings in the Segan project, one of those buildings known as the ‘Blue Roof House’. In front of this house is a large vacant lot that used to serve as the site for a traditional market. The ‘Blue Roof House’ was formerly an old and cozy restaurant that served well-cooked meals and soups for visitors. As time went by, it has become transformed into a residential space.


This formerly abandoned building served as the beginning of the ‘Blue Roof House.’ This bare space with its missing layers was unstable and structural insecure. It was therefore necessary that the architects remodel this building, rather than construct a new one. As the old coat was stripped away, the ‘Blue Roof House’ became renamed as the Layer House, referring to the “layering of houses on top of each other.”


The backyard garden of the Layered House will be used as a place to dry fabrics. The vacant lot in front of the house will house events. With this redesign, the Layered House hopes to evoke nostalgic memories of its former time.