To learn Interior Design in an online school. Is it possible?

Nowadays there are lots of disciplines that can be learned online. Now is added the design of interiors. If you want to give a new perspective to your professional career but you don’t have time for aattendance studies, LaBasad is the school you are looking for.

Studies in LaBasad

LaBasad, the Online School of Design in Barcelona, ​​attached to the University of Lleida, was born with a 100% online methodology, focused on practice, the flexibility to connect whenever and wherever you want and with professional professors active in the field of design. These are their bases and what they share in their Online Masters in Interior Design.

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Diego Nakamatsu is another of the great pillars of these Masters, because his professional career as an architect has been able to provide knowledge and a broad vision to carry out the Management of the Online Master Degree in Interior Design and the Online Master Degree in Interior Design for Spaces Gastronomic and Hotels.

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Both master degrees will prepare you to be able to create and manage integral interior design projects. However, the difference between both is that one is specifically aimed at directing these interior design projects to the world of gastronomic spaces, such as restaurants and hotels. The other focuses on the design of domestic spaces, work and retail design.

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be part of this school, take advantage of the exclusive discount of 15% on the total of either of the two masters that we offer you from More with Less. You just have to send an email to attaching your resume, portfolio and the subject in the mail of: MOREWITHLESS-LABASAD. Available have until April 20.

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