Learning center, Sydney, Australia

The architecture firm Andrew Burges has transformed a warehouse, into a childcare center and community center in Sydney Australia.  As the Learning center has four levels, architects had the idea of dividing interior spaces, generating smaller ones, where children could relate to certain place. Youll find wooden modules, shaped as smaller houses, gardens, playgrounds, some of only one level, others of two levels, creating a game with space. All of them together make this vertical children city where children are the main characters.


First of all, the characterization of this childcare is made by the materials chosen by the architects, by the relationship between the building and the playground and the spaces between playing and learning. Making a whole environment where children feel free and not enclosed as in a normal classroom.

learning-center-sydney-more-with-less-magazine-03Second, a wooden bridge connects the main building with the playground, in the first level there is also a community center.

learning-center-sydney-more-with-less-magazine-11Consequently, the interaction between children and architecture is very interesting.

learning-center-sydney-more-with-less-magazine-09The main elements of the learning center, stair and roof can be seen from all levels.

learning-center-sydney-more-with-less-magazine-04As mentioned before, the timber modules create enclosed spaces for the children.

learning-center-sydney-more-with-less-magazine-05The natural elements and pipes are present, to reinforce the ideao of the childcare as a small city.


The double height spaces and cliffed roofs, create singular hideouts for children to interact and learn.

For a kid, this Learning center is the representation of a small city, where they find freedom


On the buildings top floor, there is an open space full of vegetation where to play.


As said before, the diversity of spaces in the Learning Center makes it a great place where to be.

learning-center-sydney-more-with-less-magazine-13As a result, the Learning center drawn in this section shows how different spaces interact in one.


In conclusion, the connection of the building with the playground and the different spaces makes this project unique.


Photography: Andrew Burges.