Leon por Septiembre

by | 4 January 2018 | architecture

In a neighbourhood in the East of Paris, in Leon Frot street you can find this project by the architecture Septembre. Their proposal clearly shows what it’s like projecting in Paris, whether it is a new or on an existing building.

Leon is an extension on top of a former Parisian working-class building. The whole building consists of two constructions. One, directly to the street, is a two story construction, with a commercial local on the ground floor. The other, at the back, separated by a courtyard, is a five stores apartment building on top of which was built the extension. So the project is not directly on the street nor aligned with the street facades of the neighbour buildings. Still it can be seen and is clearly distinguished from the surroundings.

A four room duplex was created, bringing a new typology and use into the existing building. To express the difference from the outside, the facade is set back. Which also allows to have a terrace to the west. The windows are set in an irregular but not arbitrary pattern. It reflects the internal, contemporary layout of the duplex. Indeed, following contemporary life needs, the main space includes the kitchen, dining and living room into one double height space. 

Leon’s simple materials show that the true luxury of this Parisian apartment resides in the views and having a double orientation of every room.

The entire extension’s facaded is cladded with zinc, a common material of Parisian roofs, which integrates the building in its larger context. But also distinguishes the new from the existing on the building itself.

photos by David Foessel

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