Lerod, the most comfortable steel rod seat construction

by | 21 June 2017 | product

Lerod is a collection of chairs designed by Alexander Lotersztain for the brand Derlot Editions. This brand is a multidisciplinary design studio directed by Alexander Lotersztain. With seat on Brisbane, Australia, they collaborate with national and international customer. It has been award-winning in product and interior design, talker and participant into the design judge panels.

In this case, Lerod is a collection that is presented for outdoor spaces. With differents heights and sizes, there are created a serie with a side chair, armchair, low lounger and barstool in 2 heights. This allows to combine and do what you want with the collocation and the variation of spaces where it can be placed this kind of furniture.

The main material of Lerod is galvanised steel, but also it can be found coated with dust in any colour. This allows to have more variety and possibility when the consumer has to choose which one would fit better on his terrace. The structure, as it is appreciated, is from a chair, but made from metallic yarn. As the fold as the quantity of this yarns, give solidity and capacity to hold correctly the weight of a person.

The rod seat construction gives to Lerod air and simplicity, but being also functional and resistent

This collection is thought to be outdoors. The steel is soldier, creating the union of all the piece. On the other hand, the legs are only two. But also with four supports, thing that facilitate the subjection of the weight and the stability of the chair. The fact that it doesn’t have back or seat as solid structures allows that the water and the dirt don’t accumulate. Being in this way Lerod, a clean and practic collection.

On the other hand, if it’s found that the chair is too uncomfortable or hard. It can be placed also the variety of cushions personalized to avoid this situation. They seem that are not moldable, but the chair it’s comfortable. So it’s only needed a surface where to be more collected and comfortable. Where the lines of the chair don’t get marked on the skin or on the clothes.

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