Top 5 of minimalist libraries

The library is a building where lots of elements has to be taken into account. The light, tranquility, accessibility are the main points for creating a relaxing and stimulating environment. Moreover, public buildings keep increasing functionalities, so that, there is much more than cultural activities. Therefore, resting, studying or meeting are good choices in libraries. Finally, ways to consume information have changed so, architecture has to adapte his methods for isolating over-information or integrating with the mainstream. Here you will find our top five minimalist libraries that look for a specific purpose according to the user and the environment. 


The wooden lighting of Liyuan library


Li Xiadong wanted to create an oasis of knowledge in the middle of nature. The inhabitants of this town in Beijing can go for learning through all senses because they are immersed into an stimulating and relaxing context. Light in the building has the purpose of connecting us with the woods. The 46.000 wood sticks along the structure merge it with the place. It brings a proper balance between lights and shadows and it make it look like the local architecture. 


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Umimirai library. The nostalgia of the physical


Nowadays, going to the library don’t mean studying and reading. They are places for meeting that has to offer much more. Therefore, Umimirai Library is connected to the outside in order to transform the building into a social and cultural place. The building is a 19 height meters box with a holed wall. As a result, the translucent circles bring light and reduce visual impact.


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Surry Hills Library lighting design


Surry Hills es una biblioteca sostenible. El uso de luz natural en interiores potencia el trabajo dado que nos afecta positivamente. Por ello, las paredes del edificio son de cristal y, en el interior, se equilibra la iluminación con líneas de luz artificial. En consecuencia, este edificio busca las mejores condiciones que el ser humano necesita para realizar sus tareas.

Surry Hills is a sustainable library. Natural light indoors increases work efficient as it affects us positively. Therefore, the building walls are made of glass and, inside, the light is balanced with artificial light. Consequently, the building creates the best conditions to the human for making tasks .


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Seashore Library, a solid rock in the beach


Seasidehore Library stands like a big rock. In this way, the concrete structure seems a natural element. The building is divided in many spaces with different activities. So that, there is a unique relationship between the ocean depending to the light and the wind that comes in. Because of that, the project wants to be a box of feelings and experiences. 


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Neighbourhood Center in Copenhagen


Neighbourhood Center is a public center for activities integrated in Holmbladsgabe in Copenhagen. Therefore, the building is part of a recovering plan of the city. It wants to provide basic services to the community. For example, there is a multi functional hall, a coffee shop and a public library. The purpose of its structure is connecting the different activities that take place in this antique factory. Finally, a big box is added to the original structure for the library and it seems a forest int he middle of the city. 


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