Light Phone II, the phone for humans

Light was founded by Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang. Both, artist and product designer, meet in Google in 2014 for an experimental program. There, they discovered that generate another application for the world, it wasn’t necessary. Seeing that most of the apps, are designed in a way that the user gets hooked by them. They noticed that our time and attention, are two very important things, but that we disregard.



The smartphone has converted in our attendant all the time. It stimulates us and gets attached to it in every moment. Making us being ‘multitasking’ in an unconscious way, fact that get us more tired than what we think. But, where remains the solitude, the boredom,… ? Thus, they believe that the products that we use, should respect us as a humans.



Then, what should change? From this reassessment, was born the first Kickstarter campaign in May 2015, for Light Phone. Representing the experience, in a subtle way, to ‘go into the light’.



Light Phone II rises from a human claim, with the aim to not enslave and serve, to maintain its function in the most pure way and respect the user



As early as all of this justifications, borned Light Phone, and its substitute, Light Phone II. It was such a huge claim at the beginning, that in 2017 they started to ship it. And in May 2018 they launched another campaign for Light Phone II. This mobile it’s designed to use it as little as possible to respect your tempus. In the first production, Light Phone was very permissive, but restrictive in another things.



But with the new Light Phone II, they added some improvements that allows to replace entirely the smartphone. Such as the instant messaging and 4G, between another customizable and optional tools chosen by the user.



The size also was thought for the same aim. Light Phone II as practically the size of a card, occupying the less space possible. With a timeless aesthetic, fresh and simple, with only a weight of 80 grams. And following the same launch as the previous, with the collective financing in Indiegogo.



On the other hand, the operative system is light, and it doesn’t require a big amount of energy. The screen of Light Phone II is made of electronic paper in black and white matte, to avoid visual stress and fatigue in its use. In conclusion, as it was mentioned from the creators, break free from an smartphone, for the ones who willing it, could be such a changing life experience in all the levels.