Light Phone, offers mental and physical lightness

Light is a very different company of design and technology. They question the model of technological market in which we are immersed. Joe Hollier y Kaiwei Tang they are the founders of Light, the company that has surprised to the market with Light Phone.more-with-less-design-magazine-light-phone-09The time is the most valuable thing of our lives. But on the other hand we waste great part of the time attending to our screens.

Light Phone is light, functional, useful, clean, lasting, democratic and it gives us time for us.

This the people have removed of observing day after day. To have ourselves submissive in a virtual and sressful world. Since it shows very well the video “A simple Errand” de John Bruce.

Light, presents the Light Phone to give solution to this problem of our days.

Though already they have presented other mobile phones as the famous one MP01 of the recognized designer Jasper Morrison. With the difference that Jasper Morrisson was doing a regression. He was returning to the traditional mobile of keys, to move away from the smartphone and the saturation of information that they provoke.more-with-less-design-magazine-light-phone-03It has a psychological and social very notable component. With the MP01 was taking place a distinction between people with smartphone and people with mobile. It was possible to do this difference with a simple glance: phone with keys or with tactile screen. On the other hand, Light Phone a priori looks like a small smartphone.
With the just functions, which this type of user wants: to call and to receive calls. With a battery of 20 days. An ideal mobile for the biggest but also for the smallest, to be his first mobile.
more-with-less-design-magazine-light-phone-02 Light Phone, on the contrary adapts the aesthetics and the innovation of a smartphone and synthesizes it in a small mobile without buttons, tactile. With a very clean and pure aspect, which when it ignites the numbers differ with a white light that crosses the white screen.
more-with-less-design-magazine-light-phone-14A telephone that provides a mental lightness to us moving away from the whole noise that the social media provoke. To return to offer us a tool of communication. That serves for it and not to be a nuisance.
more-with-less-design-magazine-light-phone-20Simultaneously, it is a question of a very light telephone with only 38,5 grams and with a battery of 20 days. It turns us to offering time for us. Already it is not necessary to load day yes and day also the mobile, thanks to Light Phone.