LIM, furniture quickly assembled with plastic clamps


LIM is a collection of furniture designed by the Valencian studio of the Industrial design Cuatro Cuatros, composed by Cristina Ródenas y Adrián M. Almonacid. LIM borns from a previous project, Almohadilla  is a chair built depart from fitted perpendicular planes with a peculiar unions, tabs and clamps.


This solution of the assembly by lace is which gives to Cuatro Cuatros design LIM. A collection of furniture formed by a chair, a armchair, a couch and table nest, but the possibilities that offer this system are infinity. This assembly brings to Cuatro Cuatros two important awards: the first, Best of Green, is to sustainable design of Tree Hugger, the other a special mention of Premio Nacional Valencia Crea for the sofa #13.

LIM, more than furniture is a system that allows to everybody assembly it’s own tables and chairs without instructions, without tools… in few seconds!

LIMThe furniture of the collection LIM are defined by this unions so peculiars for its simplicity, but at the same time for the perpendicular planes that defines the form of the furniture and its function, in addition to this with differents materials that at least will define the furniture. Planes that can be stacked and packaging, occuping a bit space and being transported in large amounts.
LIMThe low production costs and the facility of assembly, convert LIM to a democratic design that can arrive to any user, with a simple and asutere design that give a unic type.

LIMThe system defines a kind of furniture that is sustainable, resistant, light, with an easy assembly-dismantling and cleaning, viable on the level of the production and practical for the user, coat with its assembly without any necessity of tools or instructions, thanks to being a furniture very intuitive of joints with tabs.

LIMLIMIt would be really interesting move this system of LIM on the area of the design and the architecture of emergency, because in a zone where need houses and furniture after a catastrophe in this system that allowed to any people build it himself the furniture and the house in just some minutes. So easy to mount a furniture of this collection that surprise that it’s more easy to dismantling it, only you have to cut the clamp and that’s all!
LIMCuatro Cuatros give us in exclusive the image of the new table Almohadilla#, that they designed with the LIM system. Now we live you with the image in-plant layout that show us the form of a pound sign # and the reason of this naming!