LINK, a shelving system down to the essentials

LINK is a shelving system designed by Jörg Höltje with the Studio Hausen, based in Berlin. This studio debuted in 2015 on the Blickfang trade show, in Deich Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen. Jörg Höltje is known in the bigs cities, such London and New York, where he exposed his pieces.


The idea of shelf is redesigned with the shelving system LINK. Further of being simple, clean and functional, presents a distribution which allows a big display of the objects that are on the shelf, at the same time allowing on it the things that prefer the user to be at sight, in a ordered way and being at the same time discreet.


LINK shows us a pleasant and variable aesthetic, as well as functional and organizational

The design of LINK, allows to give rise to a lot of varied compositions thanks to its asymmetrical structure, its high layout, or the facility of its longitudinal distribution, without occupying the wall from the ceiling to the floor. This feature allows to compose a space only with shelves, or only the collocation of one of them.


The main materials which compose LINK are the wood and the steel. Being the wood the support of the objects, and the steel tubular forms the pillar of the shelf. The wood of the shelf can be ash or oak, depending on the necessities and at ease of the user. Both are from sustainable forests, without being chemically treated and using natural oils.


Apart from the sustainable wood of LINK, the Studio Hausen defends the handmade product, and the proximity of the production, without leading the production to other countries or industrial process. Minimizing the carbon footprint and respecting the environment. With workshops near of the studio, allowing the control of the product and having the end result a good quality.