Little Catch Fishmonger by Linehouse

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Located on one of Shanghai’s busiest streets crammed with local food stalls, small restaurants and shops, Little Catch, designed by local design studio Linehouse, is a fishmonger specialising in fresh and cooked seafood. The project was to transform an small 18m2 Chinese takeaway into a shop that looks like it was caught in a three dimensional fishing net.

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The façade of Little Catch is a simple composition of clear glass windows and mesh panels that creates an small showcase that is used for displaying the best produce each day. The exterior sign features simply a blue fish printed on canvas and a neon sign fixed on top, where an extending canopy is located to provide shade to the entrance space of the fishmonger.

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Inside, a net constructed out of a white powder coated metal structure infilled with white meshes of varying densities and transparencies, opens up in areas to create additional shelving to storage the delightfully packaged of imported sea salt and sardines. Packed in trays over an extending stainless steel vitrine of ice are high quality, sustainably harvested Icelandic cod, Norwegian salmon and more. The other wall is occupied by refrigerators and an small wooden counter which providers customers with a place to sit and eat.

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Linehouse transforms tiny Chinese takeaway

in Shangai into Little Catch Fishmonger

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At the top of the walls, with a glossy white tiling finishing with three different sizes, wooden oak shelves complete the space for product display. Behind this shelves, the menu boards are designed by interchangeable letter signs incorporated into the final wall finishes using aluminium strips and clear acrylic words.

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The flooring was finished in rough concrete to create a resistant and easy to clean and maintain surface, and the lighting reminds the bulbs that were in use in the ancient ships, contributing a seaworthy character to this minimal and polished interior space.

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All images courtesy of Linehouse.