Little Stories concept store, a game for a little ones

by | 14 June 2020 | architecture


Little Stories arises from the need to create a Sneakers Concept Store exclusively for children. The Valencian CLAP study is responsible for shaping this idea and extending beyond graphic design.


The Little Stories project encompasses the creation of a brand that represents three clear values: play, simplicity and adaptability, concepts clearly related to children.


In the graphic image of Little Stories, a sans serif typography is chosen, friendly and simple. All this is completed with the use of different strokes and graphic elements that allow adaptation on different supports.


Little Stories is the project created by CLAP for children, where the brand is transmitted both in a graphic and architectural way


The space of the first Little Stories concept store is located in a neighborhood near the center of the city of Valencia. An interior of 70 square meters open and with great projection to the street through large windows, makes the entire store a great exhibitor of the product.


The corporate image accompanies the user in an experience that goes from the exterior to the interior. Little Stories is a space created and designed for children, so that their imagination flies through color and geometric shapes. At the same time, the exposed product is the main object allowing variations in the ways of exposing.


Movable lecterns of different shapes and sizes are scattered throughout the store and are complemented by metal plates magnetized on the walls. Lighting plays a fundamental role, focusing attention on the product through cylinders of different colors.


Little Stories uses the primary colors, blue, yellow and red on a neutral white space that serves as a background to highlight the items on display.


Photography by Daniel Rueda.


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