Loft 01 by Nada Design studio

by | 13 March 2019 | architecture

Loft 01 is the architectural project carried out by the Valencian studio Nada Design, located in the neighborhood of El Carmen, in the center of the city of Valencia. The client, a young professional, conceives the need to generate an open and flexible space that takes advantage of the existing great height.


The light becomes the backbone of the project, filling each corner and connecting the different spaces. The façade loading wall remains intact, allowing the materiality of this to be seen. The rest of the house is resolved in a neutral way with the use of white, facilitating even more the arrival of light to each room.


At the programmatic level, the house consists of kitchen, toilet, laundry and storage areas, as well as a bedroom upstairs area, work area and bathroom.


Loft 01 takes advantage of the great height to give sense to a house in height that mutates with every gesture, unfolding partitions, doors and curtains


The thick entrance wall to Loft 01 brings together facilities and more storage space, while most of the space is left empty. On a small white box where the kitchen and the toilet have shelter, the mezzanine that flies over the living room space is placed.


The upper floor flies over the common living space visually connecting directly with it. Privacy is achieved through large curtains that run along the perimeter of the mezzanine. A large wooden longitudinal desk builds the study space.


The versatility lies in the details. Loft 01 manages to increase the possibilities of housing through its furniture and strategic layout. The deployment of hidden mobile partitions and beds confined in closets allows that part of the room can become a new room, completely independent of the rest by simple gestures.



Photographs by  Daniel Rueda.





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