Lookout in Pedra da Rá by Carlos Seoane

The minimal intervention in the lookout in Pedra da Rá by Carlos Seoane is, in essence, a project of recovery of the surrounding landscape.

Located in a high in the surroundings of Riveira, in Northwest Spain, the project arose as part of a series of actions in  various lookouts of the municipality to improve its conditions.

In the case of Pedra da Rá, the existing viewpoint consisted of a concrete staircase adjacent to the rock itself and thus climbed to it.

Therefore, the proposal for the lookout in Pedra da Rá by Carlos Seoane consisted first of eliminating the existing construction and then carrying out the intervention itself.

The project result, where in addition to eliminating the old concrete stairs cleaning work was done in the environment and in the rock itself, is a careful recovery not only of the rock but of the surroundings of the Pedra da Rá.

For the different pavements and the scarce furniture it is worth to use materials of near origin, as is the case of granite. The project thus becomes a minimalist space turned to the nature of its exceptional location.

In this case, the architect returns the view not only to the Atlantic Ocean coast and to the dunes of Corrubedo. He also covers the rest of the natural environment of the rock, connecting with each other, for example with an old Roman Castro located in the nearby.

Definitely, the intervention of the lookout in Pedra da Rá by Carlos Seoane returns the place to a natural state of its own, where you can get lost in the same scene between the Ocean views and the surrounding nature itself.


Architecture: Carlos Seoane

Photography: Ana Amado, Juan Rodríguez, Héctor Santos