Lowman Road by MS-DA

Terrace house, also known as row houses are recurrently the object of modifications. MS-DA, the London based studio by Michel Schranz, is no exception to the rule with Lowman Road, a commission for the renovation and extension of a terrace house. Their basic structure may reflect a bygone social structure with smaller separate rooms and often a separate kitchen usually in the rear outrigger away from the main living space.

The project was requested in two parts, first for opening up the ground floor with a side return extension. Further on, there was a request to renovate the upper level of the outrigger and to lower the floor level under it for good ceiling heights. Which led to a proposal to demolish the entire outrigger. A project proposal sustained by the discovering of steel beams that were supporting various parts of the rear façade. The demolished and rebuilt outrigger follow the exact same volume of the previous one, but in a different material which reveals the new stage of this terrace house.


Lowman Road project is another exercise of the possibilities and limitations encountered in the intervention on terrace houses.

On the ground floor, two main living areas are created. At the front the living room is maintained and at the back a single open space for the kitchen and dining room. These two areas are visually connected and separated by a change in the floor’s levels.

The details in furniture and constructive elements of Lowman Road project, like in any other Michel Schranz’s projects, reveal his background as a Swiss carpenter, furniture maker & draftsman. A neutral and monochromatic colour palette was defined by the client to match and serve as background to their furniture.