Lund University presents The Tomorrow Collective project.

In a time when the single person is becoming more and more distanced from where things come from, how they are made, what they are made of and where they inevitably end up, it becomes increasingly harder to see the consequences of our lifestyles and choices. We depend on fossil fuel driven transportation systems, monocultural large-scale farming and non renewable, toxic energy sources. Our economies thrive on productivity and consumption and we live like there’s no tomorrow. With our fast and unsustainable lifestyle, is there any room for products that are honest and local? Or do we have to change our way of living as well?

The Tomorrow Collective is about exploring ways of enabling us to live a sustainable life in the future. The Tomorrow Collective is inspired by past knowledge of how to grow, make and be, these projects present concepts for modern tools and systems that can be used in a cyclic sense, within private homes or to share in smaller communities. Living the future today. “Is it possible to live without some of the systems and products that we have become used to and still have a good life?

The Tomorrow Collective explores ways to live a sustainable life in the future


HERBARIUM by Emilia Borgvall. Inside The Tomorrow Collective project.

The Herbarium is a tool for picking, separating and transporting wild herbs to your kitchen. At home the three containers individually facilitate rinsing and drying herbs to prepare them for cooking. The Herbarium invites you to revive old knowledge to shape new ways of cooking.


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THE TOOTHPASTER by Olof Janson. Inside The Tomorrow Collective project.

The fact of the matter is that its easy to make toothpaste and that everyone could do it for themselves with few and natural ingredients. The toothpaste mixing movement has already started, sharing recipes with each other.
In The Toothpaster, I made a collection of containers and tools to help this movement on the way, and package it all nice and simple.



KREIS – LAUF by Stephan Thiemt. Inside The Tomorrow Collective project.

Since the beginning of the industrial age, the art of shoemaking almost got erased. Nowadays shoes are mass-produced in standard sizes under questionable working conditions. KREIS – LAUF is a new manufacturing concept for sneakers that revitalizes traditional production methods and combines them with today’s rapid manufacturing processes in order to facilitate a shoe production that is sustainable in social, economical and ecological means.

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WASH PRESS by Julia Söderberg. Inside The Tomorrow Collective project.

This wash press will make it easier to get the water out of the garment after hand washing it.

Julia-2 Julia-3

THE BURKS by Oskar Olsson. Inside The Tomorrow Collective project.

With the Burks system, where grocery products are sold in bulk, a future without the above mentioned issues still could be possible. Seagulls may be noisy but air and water is pretty nice.



OIL PRODUCTION by Sofia Olsson. Inside The Tomorrow Collective project.

Plants have oil stored in their seeds as a source of energy for when the sprouting takes place. Any seed or nut with an oil content higher than 25% can be used as a source when cold pressing.

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