French Lyceum, educational values in a brand

Enrique Presa has worked since 2010 as a freelance graphic designer and creative director, with the aim of realizing projects that can provide effective communication solutions through creativity and design.

He has always done his work believing that a solid concept is the backbone and the essence of a good project. Bets on a clear, direct visual language, without complications.

The French Lyceum has a new identity that reflects its special educational values

He believes in design as an instrument to bring real value and differentiation to brands, products and services, seducing and connecting with people. It approaches each project from the dialogue and the analysis to be able to provide solutions to measure, that respond to concrete needs of communication.

Industrial and graphic designer by ESDI CEU San Pablo, Valencia and postgraduate in graphic communication by Elisava and in advanced typography by Eina, University Center of Design and Art, Barcelona.

After a long career working in studios and agencies in Milan and Barcelona, he decided to become independent in 2010. In 2013 he moved to Palma de Mallorca, where he works for projects for local, national and international clients.

The French Lyceum has an educational model that encourages its students to think, be critical and reflective. He rejects dogmatic and rigid teaching to focus on each individual, his abilities and potential.

The design of the new brand takes as its starting point this model to analyze, question and interpret the typographic forms of the initials of the Center «LFGC».

The result is the grouping of different basic geometric forms that coordinate, relate, dialogue and work as a team to build something that goes beyond their own individual nature: a sign with meaning.

This team in different ways also suggests the idea of heterogeneous group and mixture of cultures. It also suggests concepts such as creativity, cooperation, play and fun, which are deeply rooted in the French Lyceum.