Maailma. Products for the soul

Maailma_more_with_less_11Maailma is a company crearescreated in 2015 by the designer Sirja Stiina Albrecht, whom was always aware about essential topics for the development of a product, such as massive consumption, quality, material and environment. From these Maailma was born, a project with a straight philosophy of environmental care and our relationship with it.
Maailma_more_with_less_04Maailma creates a link between innovative artisan production methods and simple elegance and boasts a high-quality finish. The honesty of the designs, the value of materials and aesthetics of lasting validity characterise the products. For people who love the natural materials and high-quality design – a perfectly matched system of material, function and aesthetics.” describes the designer.

“The philosophy is based on three basic principles:. Naturalness, honesty and Health”

Maailma_more_with_less_10 Maailma_more_with_less_09 Maailma_more_with_less_08Maailma has developed two projects YKSI and KOLME made of recycled Cork, clay and wood. The luminaries are actually handmade whiteout any chemical component, which guarantees the value of its materials quality. 
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